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Are Nano and Nexty genuine and practical cash alternatives? Let’s see what we can find out!

Blockchain isn’t just a nerdy buzzword any longer! Bitcoin changed the way many of us thought about money, ledgers, money transfers, and transactions. The beauty of all virtual currencies is that they all attempt to solve a problem in some way. This is where Nexty, our coin of interest, comes into play. The Nexty platform will be compared to Nano – XRB to acquire a better knowledge of this platform during this write-up.

In plain terms, the Nexty platform is marketed as a transaction system that will remove transaction fees while providing ultra-fast transfers for its users. Apart from that, the transfers are extremely fast because, unlike other virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, the transactions do not require confirmation by miners.

The major use of Nexty, according to the white paper provided by the company’s designers, is to help newly founded e-commerce enterprises receive public funding. Because there are no transactions, hyper quick transfers (2 seconds! That’s almost real time), or confirmation fees, fund-raising will be less of a burden. The coin is deliberately aimed at ecommerce companies in order to create an ecosystem in which these businesses will accept NTY coins from customers.

The idea of NTY is to make daily internet trades as simple as possible. NTY is led by a group of Blockchain developers and seasoned marketers. Some of the team members have ten to twelve years of full stack development and marketing experience.

Some may claim that Nano – formerly known as Railblocks, XRB – already accomplishes the same tasks as NTY. Because of its patented block-lattice data structures, the XRB coin is a little different. As a result, each Nano account has its own blockchain, reducing latency and allowing for faster transfers. Aside from that, the XRB is energy and resource efficient, and transaction execution does not necessitate a high-end GPU machine. Nano, on the other hand, lacks the ability to execute smart contracts. Any crypto currency can use smart contracts to exchange triggers. These contracts facilitate the exchange of funds, real estate, stocks, or any other financial asset, tangible or intangible. Smart contracts also eliminate the need for intermediaries, allowing us to seamlessly exchange our crypto for assets. Except for this one distinction, NTV and XRB (Nano) are nearly identical. Another key feature of the Nexty platform is its ability to integrate with existing ecommerce apps like Joomla. According to NTY’s developers, the integration should take no more than 3-4 hours.

The platform includes a built-in smart staking program to maintain the NTY’s demand-supply balance. On buying, selling, and holding Nexty, this program offers bonuses and credits. The system is designed for both investors and everyday users.

The Nexty and Nano platforms have enormous capabilities. Imagine a world when cryptocurrency replaces traditional wallets and transactions are instantaneous! If a shopkeeper accepts BitCoin, for example, it may not send over the goods and services until the transaction is validated by a group of minors. Now imagine paying for goods and services with a money that can be transferred fast with no transaction fees and no minor verifications!

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Written by Winston Williams

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