Roger Ver, also known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur

It’s uncommon to find a big participant in the bitcoin realm who isn’t also controversial. Roger Ver is an example of this type of person. He earned the moniker “Bitcoin Jesus” as one of the early and most prominent proponents of—and investors in—cryptocurrency and crypto-related enterprises. However, in recent years, Ver’s views on cryptocurrencies and investments in them, as well as his personal biography, have become even more divisive.


Roger Ver, sometimes known as “Bitcoin Jesus,” is one of the first, most vocal, and most divisive cryptocurrency investors.
He’s best known for managing from 2015 to 2019. He’s an investor in various crypto and blockchain projects, including Kraken,,,, and Ripple.

Because of his work as a bitcoin evangelist, Ver has acquired the moniker “Bitcoin Jesus.”

Around the year 2017, the multi-millionaire bitcoin proponent shifted to bitcoin cash.

Ver is a controversial character due to his libertarian ideas and run-ins with the police.

Early Childhood Development and Education

Roger Ver was born in 1979 in San Jose, California, and grew up there. From 1997 to 1999, he studied economics, math, and astronomy at De Anza College, a community college in Cupertino. According to his website, he also studied physics at Stanford University in 1998.

He founded Memorydealers, a company that resold Cisco-related memory and networking equipment, transceivers, and accessories, while still in college. He dropped out of school to lead the company, and he has been its full-time CEO for almost a decade. From 2012 onwards, he was no longer the CEO of, and his association with the company was described as terminating in 2018.

He developed and ran, a “global leader in fiber optic transceivers with satisfied clients in practically every country on the planet,” from 2004 to 2018.

Since 2011, however, Ver has become increasingly associated with a rising number of bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related enterprises.

Deeds of Notoriety

Bitcoin has generated a lot of early interest.

Ver claims to have found bitcoin in early 2011, describing it as “one of humanity’s most important creations.”

He integrated bitcoin payments into, allowing customers to make bitcoin payments. He was an early adopter of the first digital currency. Ver amassed a total collection of more than 400,000 bitcoins by moving to collect bitcoin in its early days, when each coin was valued at less than $1, according to some estimates. Ver’s collection is believed to have shrunk as a result of payments and project funding while spreading the word about bitcoin.

Ver’s financial backing aided the creation of a number of well-known bitcoin initiatives and startups. He was an early investor in BitInstant, which was launched by bitcoin millionaire and ex-convict Charlie Shrem and is now defunct.

In addition to Kraken,,, and Ripple, Ver was an early investment in a number of similar blockchain projects. Ver created in 2012, with thousands of things for sale and consumers who could pay in bitcoin.

Projects in the Future

In 2015, Ver took over as the manager of, a website that offers a variety of bitcoin and bitcoin currency services. Ver was the CEO of until August of this year, when he was promoted to Executive Chairman.

Ver has continued to be interested with bitcoin developments in subsequent years. Ver has advocated for bitcoin’s adoption internationally and by mainstream enterprises as one of the founders of the Bitcoin Foundation in 2012, a nonprofit aimed at restoring the crypto’s reputation following various controversies.

$179 million in total
Ver’s bitcoin holdings are now worth $500,000, up from $25,000 when he bought them in 2011.

Make the switch to Bitcoin Cash.

Ver gained the moniker “Bitcoin Jesus” as a result of his efforts to promote bitcoin and associated initiatives, since many perceived him as a cryptocurrency evangelist. In later years, though, he appeared to be turning against it—or, at the very least, adopting a viewpoint that some believe to be backward-looking.

In a 2017 interview, for example, Ver stated that he was “very, really concerned about the future” of bitcoin, lamenting what he regarded as too much speculative interest for the cryptocurrency to remain viable as currency, and alleging that “the developers have ruined” its function as money.

Instead, Ver sided with a small group of crypto developers when he advocated for a hard fork, which is a major modification to a network’s protocol that allows previously invalid blocks and transactions to become legitimate, or vice versa. “The fact of the matter is that bitcoin’s utility has been harmed,” he said. He advocated for a larger block size limit, believing that this would allow people to pay for goods and services with bitcoin while lowering fees. Detractors fear that such a move would jeopardize bitcoin’s decentralization and have a negative influence on transaction processing.

Hard forks can allow for the production of new cryptocurrency variants. In reality, Ver now appears to be a stronger supporter of bitcoin cash, which was launched in August 2017. Ver has also said that alleged insider bitcoin cash trading on the famous Coinbase exchange is a “non-crime.”

Philanthropy and Wealth

Roger Ver is frequently included among the “Wealthiest People in Cryptocurrency,” yet his exact net worth is difficult to determine because he runs a privately held corporation. And, of course, much of his fortune is invested in volatile cryptocurrencies. It is estimated to be worth roughly $430 million.

Ver contributed about $1 million in bitcoin to the Foundation for Economic Education, a libertarian research group, in late 2013. Ver gave the group an additional $2 million in bitcoin currency in 2021. 5

Personal Experiences

Given that Ver has pleaded guilty to federal felony charges, his comments about insider trading not being illegal have a different ring to them. He was sentenced to ten months in prison in 2002 for selling explosives on eBay and mailing them without a license. It’s usual for Ver detractors to bring up this aspect of his personal life to cast him in an unfavorable light.

Ver is a libertarian and anarcho-capitalist who ran for the California State Assembly in 2001 as a member of the Libertarian Party. Some doubters believe this casts a sinister light on—or at least provides a rationale for—his interest in cryptocurrencies, which are not issued by governments and operate in a decentralized manner.

Issues with Citizenship and Visas
Another factor that makes Ver problematic is his continual citizenship and visa issues. In 2006, Ver relocated to Japan.

Ver resigned his American citizenship in 2014 and became a citizen of St. Kitts & Nevis. Ver underwent this procedure as part of the Citizenship by Investment program in St. Kitts and Nevis, which allows people to qualify for citizenship by investing in real estate or the country’s Sustainable Growth Fund.

Ver was denied admission to the United States in 2015 when attempting to reenter for a conference by the US Embassy in Barbados due to worries that he would not leave at the end of his visit.

His visa was approved by a different US embassy later in 2015, and he was able to visit the US in 2016 to speak at a conference in Colorado.

Why did Roger Ver end up in prison?

Ver purchased 49 pounds of explosives, stashed them in a residential apartment building, marketed at least 14 pounds of them as huge firecrackers on eBay, and delivered them to clients via the US Postal Service from January 1999 to August 2000. He was caught and charged in 2001 because he lacked a license to handle or sell these dangerous chemicals. Ver pleaded guilty to breaking federal laws in 2002. He was given a ten-month sentence in federal prison.

Roger Ver’s net worth is unknown.

Roger Ver’s net worth is reported to be around $430 million, however some estimates suggest it might be as high as $520 million.

Given that so much of his income is in cryptocurrencies, whose prices move frequently, it’s difficult to say.

Who is Bitcoin Jesus, and where did he come from?

Roger Ver is known as “Bitcoin Jesus” since he was one of the first cryptocurrency investors. He not only adopted it for his businesses, but he also constantly promoted it. However, in the year 2018, Ver converted to Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which he argues is more faithful to the original bitcoin values.

Final Thoughts

Entrepreneur Roger Ver, who was born in California and now lives in Japan, has a lengthy history with cryptocurrencies. He was an early investor in bitcoin and bitcoin-related enterprises, as well as an early supporter of bitcoin, earning the moniker “Bitcoin Jesus” in the process. However, in 2017, the multi-millionaire bitcoin supporter switched his allegiance to bitcoin cash, making him a rather controversial figure due to his libertarian ideals and interactions with government officials.

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