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What is the best way to choose the best cryptocurrency exchange?

Given the buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies, it’s understandable that investors would want to purchase them. Finding a source for the coins is the first step, and the safest way to do it is through a cryptocurrency exchange. Fortunately, many companies provide this service, albeit not all of them will be appropriate for you. When it comes to choosing the finest crypto exchange, there’s more to consider than just making a purchase, which is the focus of this article. There are certain details that make one supermarket better than the other for you, just as there are certain details that make one better than the other for you. Instead of following the crowd, you may choose the best cryptocurrency for you based on a variety of characteristics.

The most important things to think about while choosing a bitcoin exchange
According to CryptoCoinCharts, there are currently over 190 organizations operating in the bitcoin exchange market. Furthermore, new ones appear every day, not to mention peer-to-peer systems. There are various elements to examine regarding these companies in order to make the best decision out of all of them.

Investing safety

Security is crucial in the world of money, as it is in everything else. After all, you want to make sure that your investment is secure, especially if it is a large one. Unless you want to retain your coins on your own wallet, the exchange keeps your coins when you buy cryptocurrency. As a result, the exchange must have suitable security mechanisms in place to protect these coins. Even among the major crypto exchanges, there have been several hacks in the past. Some have been kind enough to refund their customers, but the majority of the time the coins are gone permanently. Remember that the major feature of bitcoin is its anonymity, which makes tracing them back to the hacker extremely difficult.

To prevent this, exchanges have implemented a variety of security procedures to safeguard their customers’ currency. Two-factor authentication is the most important (2FA). Because many email providers utilize this security precaution to boost account security, you should be familiar with it. Every exchange implements 2FS in a different way, but the most common is through the use of a confirmation code given to your cell phone. The goal is to add an extra layer of protection that prevents or makes it more difficult for an attacker to get access. In addition, all correspondence and transactions should be validated in the same way to give the exchange time to verify your identification. The best cryptocurrency exchanges also hold a percentage of their money in cold storage. Assailants will have a harder time breaking into this, keeping the coins safe.

Some crypto exchanges are even offering dividends to sweeten the deal. They do it by developing a native cryptocurrency that their customers may buy in exchange for dividends and lower costs. This isn’t a widespread practice, but it’s worth exploring as a strategy to reduce transaction costs while also collecting passive money.

The exchange’s location

Many people do not consider the significance of an exchange’s location because it is an online business. Despite this, it is a critical factor for two reasons. The first concerns currency exchange rates. They will have a preferred base currency depending on the exchange location. A South Korean exchange, for example, will frequently prefer transactions in KRW. This may not be a problem for the largest exchanges with a global audience, but it will be for smaller businesses. It is frequently recommended that you choose an exchange near you to minimize conversion rate issues, but if that is not possible, always choose a firm that will allow you to trade cryptocurrencies at the best rate. These currency translation fees may appear insignificant at first, but they add up quickly, especially if you trade frequently. Long-term holders may not be as affected.

When selecting a cryptocurrency exchange to use for your coin trading, make sure that the organization provides all of these safeguards. They assure that the coins cannot be stolen, as they have been in the past from many other exchanges, and that yours is safe as well.

Fees for transactions

The transaction fees imposed on every trade you make are how exchanges make money. Because these fees differ from one organization to the next, you should check how much a specific exchange charges for its services. The fees for larger transactions are usually lower, however this is only to stimulate larger deals. Furthermore, to avoid a server overload, exchanges charge higher costs for smaller transactions. Smaller transactions, they reason, would result in an influx of requests that would overload their systems. As a result, you must examine how much each exchange costs in relation to the size of your deal in order to avoid losing a substantial portion of your deposit.

Aside from currency, your location may influence the level of customer service you receive. An exchange may not be able to hire customer service representatives who are multilingual and must instead rely on the local language. If you can’t comprehend each other, this could be a problem. Nobody realizes the value of customer service until they need it, which is why you should plan ahead. These are the folks who can help you get out of a jam in the event of a crisis.

The total number of cryptocurrencies in circulation
This is one of the most significant considerations, and the more options you have, the better. No one enjoys being limited in their options, so go with the exchange that has the most coins to pick from. The most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, will be available on nearly all exchanges. Nonetheless, you may require Bitcoin Cash or Monero, for example, because they are speedier or provide more privacy. Your decision should be based on the coins you’re interested in and whether or not that exchange can provide them to you. The finest altcoin exchanges will have a wider selection of coins to pick from if you are interested in more than just the most popular coins.

Depositing methods

Purchasing bitcoin from an exchange is not as simple as you may believe. One of the main reasons for this is that many of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges may refuse to take fiat deposits. Because credit cards and wire transfers can’t obtain you bitcoin from most exchanges, they’re useless. These companies require cryptocurrency deposits, which makes it tough for someone who does not have any at the time. You can still acquire coins via peer-to-peer services and send them to your exchange’s wallet, but the two transactions will cost you more. The few exchanges that accept fiat deposits are consequently the most advantageous for first-time buyers.

Other considerations influence which deposit techniques are used. Wire transfers, for example, compromise the buyer’s anonymity because your identity can be traced back to you. This factor may or may not be important to you, depending on why you’re buying coins. There’s also the matter of transaction speed, with methods like wire transfers taking longer than, say, credit card transactions. In the crypto realm, things move quickly, therefore transaction speed is crucial during turbulent periods. Finally, each deposit method will have a limit. Wire transfers can handle larger transactions, although credit cards may have daily transaction limits.

Even if certain deposit methods are theoretically instantaneous, only cryptocurrency exchange reviews can accurately represent the experience.

Because of the foregoing, the ideal exchanges are those that accept a variety of deposit ways. Different alternatives will provide you more flexibility depending on your circumstances, enhancing your entire experience.

Other aspects of the exchange to consider
The five essential elements to consider while evaluating any bitcoin exchange are listed above. That should be sufficient to narrow down your choices to a few favorites. Let’s get started choosing the finest altcoin exchange for you by considering other factors that may influence your decision.

Description of the business

Even if a firm appears to hit all of the high points on the surface, it is critical to examine deeper into the organization. One of the key reasons for this is that you will gain knowledge of its legitimacy. The majority of countries have yet to pass legislation governing cryptocurrency exchanges, although a few have already done so. Exchanges in Japan, South Korea, and the United States must be licensed by their national financial regulators. This is done to guarantee that the company follows ethical guidelines and avoids fraud. Meanwhile, some countries, like as China, have forbidden the operation of exchanges entirely. To determine the exchange’s authenticity, you must first learn about its location and the regulations that it must adhere to. For example, an exchange situated in the United States but not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) should raise warning flags. It could be a complete hoax, or it could provide insufficient safety for your assets.

Analyzing crypo exchange reviews is an even easier technique to determine an exchange’s validity. No one can tell you more about a firm than someone who has worked with them before. Even with the most extensive research, some things are only discovered when it is too late. However, you can learn from the mistakes of others by reading consumer evaluations. These will assist you in learning about a company’s reputation and avoiding the bad apples.


While user-friendliness may not have a direct impact on the real cryptocurrency, it does have an impact on your exchange experience. This is why site designers spend so much time and money to make the experience as easy and effective as possible. If you plan to do a lot of trading, this should also influence your decision on which exchange to use.


You should also look for an exchange with high liquidity, which means it executes a large number of transactions. Obviously, because so many people work with them, this lends confidence to the trade, but it also assures that you receive more accurate quotes. Smaller, less well-known exchanges may offer quite different quotes than the best cryptocurrency exchanges due to the extreme volatility of the crypto markets. For instance, you might buy Bitcoin for $10,000 while it’s truly worth $9,500 on another exchange. This means that for each Bitcoin you purchased, you would have lost $500, and the actual price of the Bitcoin may never reach the price at which you purchased it. High liquidity exchanges protect you from price variations that could hurt your bottom line.

Taking everything into account

Given the aforementioned challenges and concerns, selecting a cryptocurrency exchange is certainly not a straightforward task, nor should it be. A good exchange could spell the difference between you becoming a regular investor and joining other frustrated traders. Because this is such a crucial decision, take your time and carefully consider all of the factors listed above before making your ultimate decision. Don’t be afraid to try out a few other exchangers and see what they have to offer. Nothing compares to firsthand knowledge.

And, if you’ve found your ideal candidate, don’t go all-in straight soon. Instead, test the waters by gradually increasing your investment until you are absolutely confident. It’s not a sin to be cautious, and only fools rush in.

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Written by Winston Williams

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