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When will Amazon debut its crypto token in 2022?

With the world looking poised to dive headfirst into cryptocurrencies, Amazon is preparing to join the fray and create their own crypto token in 2022.

The specifics are currently unknown, but it looks that Amazon is preparing to introduce their own digital currency by building up a blockchain.

According to an article published by FinTech Magazine, the company has advertised for a new ‘Head of Digital Currency and Blockchain.’

What exactly is Amazon on the lookout for?

Amazon is looking for a ‘experienced product leader to establish Amazon’s Digital Currency and Blockchain strategy and product roadmap,’ according to the job posting.

This initiative is thought to be in response to rising rivalry from other digital giants such as Meta/Facebook, which has assembled its own team of experts to develop a blockchain concept.

Google just announced a cooperation with Bakkt, allowing bitcoin to be accepted in its Google Pay app.

When will Amazon’s crypto token be released?

Amazon is expected to introduce their own cryptocurrency in 2022, but there are no clues on when that will happen.

Customers are expected to be able to use the Amazon Crypto Token when purchasing on the Amazon website, though it is unknown how long this will take to deploy.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, with much of space for advancement, particularly in terms of customer comfort.

Amazon had previously considered such a project, providing positions to blockchain professionals, albeit the projects were far more low-key than the one that surrounds the Amazon Crypto Token at the moment.

Amazon’s blockchain is known as the ‘Amazon Managed Blockchain,’ and the company has already published a lot of information about it on their website.

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Written by Jordana Williams

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